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  Secret Tattoos …And then there are the tattoos you never photograph, the moments you never pause, the likenesses you’ll never use… maybe done on an underworld client, maybe just a special girl… maybe a rock and roller, at 4am… Handmade tattoos i did just to return to the roots… special request tattoos i did because of who they were on, not what they were… Rites of Passage you don’t interrupt with a photo; Savage memories from a History not so long ago… Rose of No Man’s Land flash from my zine, Coconut Wars,  2007

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Sumi Sketch
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Sumi Sketch, 5 am Finished reading Wear your Dreams, watched Corbin’s Tattoo Age. My mind was spinning with information and filled with an inspiration overload. Seeing a picture of the backpiece that is worn by d.a.i .u.h,  the Jerry originals showing up in the shop last week, all the great interviews in Tattoo Artist Magazine, experiencing some of these keystones in person, tattoos you see in the hotel hallway at the San Francisco tattoo convention, Visual Flurries, etc.

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  A tattoo from last night… I was happy my client requested color in his memorial to his Mother. I felt that i got a chance to do this classic motif justice, now that my drafting skills have improved… The color, i believe, really adds emotion to the piece, and gives a it a sense of harmonious balance. The interplay between the colors seems to suggest solemn celebration, rather than brooding grief. Also, this tattoo is a messenger for breast cancer awareness, a call to action , a dedication to strength. With this much inherent power, is it any surprise that tattooing has been castigated by government and religion in modern times? And now, with such rising popularity, has it become necessary for those powers-that-be to buy it, usurp it, and water it down to market it back to us?

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Flash, 11×14, 5 prints
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Flash, 11×14, 5 prints, $100   I apologize that my store page is not equipped to accommodate instant orders. What began as an attempt to add more photos to my website has now become a goal to make some of my work available for purchase through my website. I will post new items for sale from time to time. For now, please email me, at which point you can PayPal me, send a check, or money order. Thank you for looking, and I hope that we can do business sometime. Is there anything that you would like to see featured? Please let me know!

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         I am exited to post In-Progress Tattoo photos here. Large tattoos come together over many sessions. Often, a tattooer will wait until the end of the project to document a piece. This may take months, years. The process is expensive and painful. Many tattoos never get finished, abandoned for one reason or another…   Repeat client Will returns yet again for more relaxing pain. We tattoo the fires of his Hell Scroll red, orange, and gold around still only outlined figures of tormentor oni, or demons.  

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