Traditional Japanese Tiger Tattoo
div class="listing_meta"> September 27, 2014 by Carl Hallowell in In-Progress

   Tiger, Rock, Water, Clouds, and Flowers This outline stage tattoo went on one of our local musicians whose music is a mixture of Country, Soul, and Rock. All those hours of sitting behind the drum set and his guitars have made this one tough sonofabitch. We were able to outline the whole 3/4 length of his inner arm, including the elbow and the elbow ditch. Then, essentially, we restarted the outline when we went to put the stripes in the Tiger and bold line the Rocks. Then it is time to rest the tattoo. Tattooing in Deep Ellum A siren blares through Deep Ellum as I write this from my couch. Imagine the action that unfurled around him as he sat for this Tiger on a busy Saturday night. The customers coming and going as he sat and sat. The doors swinging open and all the Neon pouring in. The Punks next door swilling beer, raising hell. The liner running like crazy, digging hundreds of lines beneath his skin. Check out part two of this tattoo, with the complete background.

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Yellow Rose of Texas
div class="listing_meta"> September 15, 2014 by Carl Hallowell in Tattoos

The yellow rose is an excellent choice for your Texas tattoo. Whether you have been here all your life, or are about to move away, or are just here on vacation, many have felt the desire to make the moment last with a Texas tattoo. How can I not automatically think of two beautiful women from Amsterdam who chose to do exactly this? A Texas was what my Brother wanted, I got it for him on my own skin. A friend from California drops by, “I think I need a Texas tattoo”, he says. Just last weekend a twenty-one-year-old girl comes in with her Mom, and just when I am expecting to have to look at ten pictures of other people’s tattoos on Pinterest, she very simply requests a Texas. That I can do. It’s just Classic.

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Open for Business
div class="listing_meta"> September 3, 2014 by Carl Hallowell in Tradition

Tattooing is a seasonal business, a trendy business, a feast or famine business. Tattooing is a great partner, a cruel mistress, the actual sound of the pastimes of the gods. Tattooing is many things because it involves an ever-growing number of participants. Money, fashion, and fads dictate much of what is put on today. Deep Traditions in Tattooing However, deep traditions are also at play, underlying every action that is taken during the tattoo process. Picture the sound of the beating tribal drum. Listen to the tapping of the original tattoo. Like plugging into a Marshall stack, now picture the buzz of the modern tattoo machine, Oriental dragons, skulls, flowers, the shaking of the shop counter late on a Friday night. Desperate times, desperate measures. Are yours desperate enough? Step right up, step right up and be served. Always open, based on availability. It only hurts a little bit. Show Banner, 2014.

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