One Shot Tattoo
div class="listing_meta"> February 7, 2015 by Carl Hallowell in Tradition

Dig the strength it must’ve taken Ess to finish this large tattoo piece in one session. Life goes by quickly, jump on it. Wait a month to heal? No Thanks! Hammer it out, I am the anvil. She was resolved beforehand. Is this not the teaching of the ages? In the middle I had to take a break. At a time like this, that could mean the ending of the session, Ess remained steadfast. Hold Fast. She was not saved by a personal iPod. She was not pampered with a hand to hold. She didn’t devour candy. Not one of these things delivered her through this tattooing session. What was it then that propelled her? I am more and more amazed by the personal strength of my customers. They are in my care and I see the way they fight to win. I am in their corner, however, they do not need even  me. They are the strong and the young and I am pleased to do battle by their side.

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