Sleeve of Water
div class="listing_meta"> March 9, 2015 by Carl Hallowell in Tattoos

Didn’t take Jessica too many trips up to D-Town to get this bad boy wrapped up B. That’s because of the hours and hours she sits each session she comes to town. Did you hear the story of Bodhidharma’s tattoo? The Medusa tattoo who’s wearer had turned to stone? The Sailor who slept with two pin-ups every night? These and many more strange tales are just waiting to unfurl. Underwater is where this trip leads us, “down and down, and down and down, and down and down we go”- Jimi Hendrix. Our guide is the musical soundtrack that steers us, beers us, and queers us. Into the blue, into the aquamarine waters we go. Nate is the Captain who watches over the waters. I am first mate, shoveling tattoo color into the tattoo fire, for propulsion, for warmth- I do not know- I just work. Water coming over the rail, water at the dummy rail, water oozing out from behind the flash sheets fastened to it, the room turning into water, no mutilation, no depression, “drive my car into the ocean”- Black Francis. Tonight we have special guests on board, a special Bard is rolling through. His hefty band of […]

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div class="listing_meta"> March 1, 2015 by Carl Hallowell in Irezumi

Tattoo Haiku Rushing to Battle A Blaze of Cherry Blossoms – I have Tengu Mind    

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