Heart in Hand Gallery
div class="listing_meta"> January 25, 2017 by Carl Hallowell in autobiography, Tradition, Work

With my new website now online, I wanted to share a work picture from the still new Heart in Hand Gallery, right here on Elm Street. This is the all private, all appointment only tattoo studio for the thriving street shop Elm Street Tattoo. Located in Deep Ellum also, Heart in Hand attempts to bring you the best Dallas traditional tattoos day in and day out. I am very proud and very pleased to have a room here, where I can pursue the kind of tattoo work my vision leads me to, that good ol’ fashioned traditional tattoo work we’ve all known and loved for so many years. The relaxed surroundings help me to better connect with my customer, with their ideas, their mindset, and our artistic chemistry as we work together to achieve the best tattoo we can. Here, Mr. P reclines as I hammer out a custom tattoo sugar skull on the back of his forearm. Most of you probably recognize my long-time friend Oliver Peck watching as I line out this tattoo. He is accompanied by Mr. Tommy, and Aaron Finnin, who took a moment to capture this shot.

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