American Traditional Tattoo in Dallas
div class="listing_meta"> March 20, 2017 by Carl Hallowell in Tattoo of the Month

Young Graylin’s traditional clipper ship tattoo would have to take the cake for the first tattoo of the month in this new section of my website. The choice was hard- the traditional tattoos I get to create are like children, you cannot have a favorite one. In choosing I scrolled through my photos of the last month. I saw great pieces that were still in progress, beautiful flowers and natural elements, and individual tattoos that were everything the customer could dream of. There were also bold, in your face tattoos that were on the small side, just like the guys used to do on the Bowery, out on the west coast on the pike, and up in the northern midwest where you probably didn’t want to keep your shirt sleeve pulled up too long for the cold. American Traditional Arm Tattoo I ended up choosing this clipper ship tattoo design. It’s a little on the bigger side for traditional American tattoos, but hell, it’s 2017, and we all want impact from our tattoo designs. Large tattoos give you that loud statement we all want to hear. I also liked the fact that it was just another clipper ship, we weren’t […]

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