Brian came down to Dallas from Midland to get this traditional tattoo done in one sitting! We both made up our minds to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into this project, and knock it all out at once. By the end of the session, I felt I had created one of my favorite eagle tattoos I’ve ever done. The addition of the American flag and shield just underlined the strength and dignity of the screaming eagle above. I believe traditional American tattoos have an underlying meaning, one that can be felt more than put into words. I believe there is a lot of emotion in this piece. Focusing on the task at hand is made easier by the fact that I have my own private, all appointment only studio room at Elm Street Tattoo’s Heart in Hand Gallery. There is no distraction, no interruption. There is only tattooing, the tattoo machine buzzing above the rowdy din of Deep Ellum outside. The black ink drawing line after line, another creation being brought to life inside this tiny room. Traditional Tattooing Colors The color is true. The colors are the traditional colors used by my tattoo forefathers. They are not bought off the internet. […]

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