There is a triangle of interaction happening with Traditional American or Traditional Japanese tattooing, an alchemy that is greater than the sum of it’s parts, a music that dances with call and response, until a tattoo is born, like a reptile from an egg. Using the triangle and being part of it, we answer the call of the tattoo gods. We carry on the designs and the tattoo images to the next generation, like the ghosts of our grandfather’s tattoos pointing us towards the way to come of age.  No matter at what stage of life we are all just children, beginners in the eye of infinity, somewhere on the wheel of life, bound by karma and the laws of heaven. Get Inked by a Professional Tattoo Shop in Dallas Through determination and experience, Carl Hallowell has become one of the best tattoo artists in Dallas.  We understand that the tattoo is really all about the customer and yet, left up to them, you will not reach sublime tattooing, as it is not their area of study.  Just as most of us go out and buy a car, we do not design and build it ourselves.  The tattooer who has […]

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