Japanese tattooing; it is hard to imagine a more balanced artwork than this. Japanese tattoos are overflowing with brute strength, while also exemplifying subtle beauty. The art is straightforward in it’s approach and also speaks to the human experience itself. Saturated in black and grey, Japanese tattoos also pop with color. When approaching the thought of this type of a tattoo there is a small selection of possible images to choose from, and yet it conveys the whole of reality. Dallas Tattoo Artist Specializing in Japanese Tradition Irezumi was the old word for Japanese punitive tattooing. Originally, the tattoo style was used to mark criminals so their identities would be known at a glance. This term has now been reclaimed, and we are proud to use it to describe the ornamental tattooing that is worn by choice, and with pride. Irezumi is work that is put on by serious students of the art who feel that they are all connected in this great lineage all the way back to Kuniyoshi, the great Edo period artist of Japan. Horimono is another synonym for the traditional Japanese tattoo; the word Horimono is literally translated as “dug thing.” The process of “digging” pigment […]

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