Allen and Kellie: Big Announcement
div class="listing_meta"> October 26, 2017 by Carl Hallowell in People

Please check out the chemistry between my newlywed friends here as they talk about life, love, and… tattoos by me! Check out their podcast A Sandwich and Some Lovin’.

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Dallas Tattoo Artist Promoting Artistic Energy
div class="listing_meta"> October 16, 2017 by Carl Hallowell in autobiography, City

Why this rush of energy, in the middle of the night? What is it that drives me, what is this muse, this inspiration? Why do I feel like I “have to?” What keeps me going, when there is really no reason to push forward? The answer is that reading is dangerous. Looking deeper into the words on the page, the pictures in the print, chasing your heroes through their own personal mythologies that you really are not all that removed from. Meeting your idols and heroes is always fun, maybe they will become your friends but you cannot even think of them like that, for they are special. Sink Into Where Your Art Comes From Delving into a place where all art comes from, there is a place where all the art forms are connected. True, this is a column about traditional tattooing, but what of the haiku, jazz, wood carving? They all come from an energy; the energy of the world that is channeled through the hand of the artist. There is a place the artist goes to find this energy. You can grab it, you can use it, it is a tool. In fact, this energy is the […]

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