5 Best Tattoos in Dallas History
div class="listing_meta"> November 22, 2017 by Carl Hallowell in Creation, Tattoo of the Month, Tattoos

Promoting something like one of the best tattoos in Dallas is a pretty big deal. Lucky for me, I have had the opportunity to witness what I believe to be five of the best tattoos in the history of our fine city. These are purely based on my personal tattoo artistry and style and likes, but here are my top five best tattoos in the history of Dallas’ tattoo scene. The First Time is a Wine Well, this first one, I watched get done and it is the only one on the list of which that is true. My buddy, Chris Erickson, always on a new trip, always supercharging some new plan, always late and lighthearted, effortlessly talented and never stressed. He comes up with this idea to give away a traditional Japanese tattoo back piece, or Horimono, during the auction portion of Oliver Peck and Dean Williams annual Christmas party, at which tickets won by gambling during the party can be used to bid on a number of gifts or offers. Erickson comes up with this! Well, what makes it magical, is Bob Castaldo, a Dallas filmmaker and teacher, bids on the back piece and wins it! He had […]

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The tattoo of the month this time around is another traditional tattoo that I hope you have come to expect out of my work as a traditional tattoo artist. It was Mike Malone, the great tattooer who took over Sailor Jerry Collins’ shop after his passing, who said that is what the craft needs “consistent hitters.” What a long road it was towards consistency. It used to be, while I was gaining experience, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t. I am glad that I have cracked a few eggs, and can now whip up an omelet. It was also Malone, aka Rollo Banks, who said of traditional tattoos, “You don’t have to stand on your head to do ’em.” He certainly had a way with words; let alone tattoos, tattooing, and that good old fashioned tattoo philosophy that all of us who share this passion for our trade have developed. The Art of the Second Tattoo In the spirit of that quote, I would like to offer up Mr. K’s tattoo this time. This was his second tattoo which is often the free-spirited tattoo after the obligations we put on ourselves when choosing that first tattoo. A traditional […]

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