Brad wears the tattoo of the month this time around; a Japanese half sleeve tattoo that depicts a single Peony and its bud blowing in the wind and being tossed about by a wave. The Peony is one of the main flowers used in the Japanese tattoo, also known as Irezumi, or Horimono. The Peony is a springtime flower and therefore represents that beautiful time of year. And here is Brad, a young man in the springtime of his life. Sometimes tattoos are decided this way. Sometimes, on an old customer, I will use an autumn flower. It all really depends on the customer. I did a watercolor painting of autumn flowers for my dear grandparents, long ago, in the good old days, when they were still around. Would that they could’ve lived forever. But then there wouldn’t be any autumn, would there? Or any spring. The Beauty of the Seasons Through Japanese Tattoo This coming and going of life is at the core of the Japanese tattoo. The reality of nature; facing it head-on, becoming one with it. The blood of the samurai is said to have given the Peony it’s color. It is not a matter of liking […]

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The Best Tattoo Artist in Dallas
div class="listing_meta"> December 12, 2017 by Carl Hallowell in City, Tattoos

Man, if you don’t know this then I guess you have been living under a rock for the last 25 years! While I thoroughly believe that tattooing is not a competition, definitely not a sport- and we need to make sure it stays like this. You must have an eye for quality in this deal or you’ll end up wearing slop. Also, when you see that poetry of excellent craftsmanship, you just gotta stop and tip your hat, or sit down and get tattooed! Incredible draftsmanship, fast as lightning, ever progressing, this dude puts his stamp on every tattoo he does. It’s got the look, it’s got his look. He doesn’t re-invent it every time. He builds a prototype, tests it, and then does it over and over, each time as good as the last, until it becomes a style. Luckily, as a tattoo artist he has spread this style over the years. More so than ever in recent years, from what my customers tell me. He carries a banner to all corners of the earth. On it is inscribed, in pike lettering, “American Traditional Tattooing.” Becoming the Best Tattoo Artist in Dallas How can you fail to be the […]

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