Joe Haasch: Best Tattoo Artist in Dallas
div class="listing_meta"> January 25, 2018 by Carl Hallowell in Tattoos, Traditional

As in any of the art forms, there really is no “best” tattooist. The great tattoo artist from the 20th century, Paul Rogers summed it up by saying- allow me to paraphrase, “Tattooing is a few great guys sitting atop a middle layer of competent artists, sitting atop a sprawling mass of more bad tattooist than you can imagine.” In that light, my new column is dedicated to the few great guys, and some of those more competent guys up towards the top too. It goes without saying that I can only personally recommend a tattoo artist if I happen to know him personally. I believe a great tattooist is technically proficient, talented and creative, and, perhaps above all, a people person who respects the customer he is blessed to have. And a lot of times the tattoo artist is, well, a character. Or, sometimes, he embodies the ideal man. Joe Haasch represents the latter. A good person, a hard worker, very talented, very humble and respectful; all these are qualities which I think make Joe more than deserving of this title. It is just a beautiful thing to see the way his customers stick with him, year after year. […]

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The tattoo of the month column here on my site highlights one of my favorite tattoos that I have recently had the pleasure of doing. In these columns, I then delve deeper into the makeup of the tattoo, what it is that makes it great; what it is that makes me love it so. All of these tattoos have one thing in common. They are pure, unadulterated, traditional tattoos! There is just no two ways about it. In the last 23 years of my professional tattooing work as a Dallas tattoo artist, I have seen many styles come and go. I have seen many trends arise, and then die. I have seen the individual perspective of both artist and customer put forward. But all of these fall short, when compared to an American Traditional Black Panther tattoo, or a Traditional Japanese Dragon. There is just no way to beat images like these. They are the tried and true traditional tattoos that people are calling for. As I am known for my traditional work, which I have practiced for the entirety of my career, I get a lot of calls for this type of tattooing. It is always a joy to open […]

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