Meet the True Tattoo Artist
div class="listing_meta"> February 22, 2018 by Carl Hallowell in Dallas Tattoo Artist

Can’t believe I’ve been a Dallas tattoo artist 23 years now. Sometimes it just amazes me- that’s over 8000 days. Yep, tattoo artists can do math, especially percentage-based math, as we give a percentage of what we do every day to the shop we work for. That is why we accept tips in the tattoo business. 100% of your tip goes to the artist. Well if the guy under charges you and you have to over-tip he’s doing the shop a disservice. The finer points, the subtleties, can be gleaned from experience. When you get that price right on the head, you’ll give him a nice tip and he’ll still walk away with plenty to pay his shop. The shop is his lifeblood. His shop is his support system. The shop was most likely there before he came along and it will most likely be there after he moves along. The reputation they have been building all these years makes or breaks the tattoo artist that works for them. That name that brings people in the door, one after next. And I work for one of the biggest names in the business- Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, Texas. What’s more, […]

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The Best Tattoo Artist in Dallas
div class="listing_meta"> February 8, 2018 by Carl Hallowell in Tattoos, Traditional

We are all at a different point in the path of becoming tattooed. We come across fellow travelers on this path, those who are at a similar spot in their journey towards the tattoo. The bonds we form here are very often very deep. The visceral experience of seeing or getting tattooed makes this almost an altered state. The reasons we do it are either so important to us or buried so deep, coming from such a natural place, that we don’t know exactly why we do it. Sharing this endeavor with another collector, a tattooist, or simply an admirer of the art can form friendships that last just as long as the tattoos we wear. The Mystery of This Month’s Best Tattoo Artist You do not have to be familiar with Dallas tattoo artists, in particular, to know of this tattoo giant of which I will speak today. If you have been on the path for a while now, you will know this man whether you are from Spokane or Saskatchewan. If you are new here, you will not know, or worse, you will only pretend to know. You are missing out, should this be the case. This article […]

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