The Best Tattoo Artist in Dallas
div class="listing_meta"> March 20, 2018 by Carl Hallowell in City, Tattoos

One Of The Smartest Men In Tattooing I used to call him “The second smartest man in Tattooing.” I mean, hey, no one can be smarter than Scott “Welt” Harrison. Well, maybe Hardy. Yeah, Hardy’s probably the smartest. Alright! So our hero has been demoted, but number three out of three hundred thousand ain’t nothin to sneeze at! Of course, I only know a couple hundred of ’em so maybe I’m way off. Smarts? Why do smarts matter in tattooing anyways? This is traditional tattooing, this is the world of pictures. Silent, strong pictures. A still life in the midst of a world of action. Smarts matter because talking is the way you pass the time out on the road, counting the miles between tattoo conventions and guest spots and stops along the way. It was times just like these that I was able to have the blessing of delving deep into the mind of the best tattoo artist in Dallas, Texas, Mr. Norman Dean Williams. Good Times On Road It was Confucius who said, “when I turn up one corner, he will turn up the other three”. It has been years since I read this, and yet, it comes to […]

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Criticism Is Necessary For A Tattoo Artist Is it weak to define yourself by saying what it is that you are not? Is it negative, in its very essence, to explain things this way? Probably so. Probably weak. Definitely negative. But here it goes anyway! Constructive criticism is needed in the tattoo world right now, from any voice. A small voice, a green voice, a journeyman, or a master’s voice. “Will you critique my portfolio?” I’m unsure if this is still a process, but it used to be, and still should be. This was a trial by fire and not for the faint of heart, nor for the excuse oriented individual. This was a dance that demanded so much from both parties. On one side you had the elder who had to wield a critical eye, find and expose every flaw, and yet he should be able to find a positive here and there in the dung pile. On the other side, trying not to melt into a corner or to shrink away into oblivion, you have the seeker. The seeker thinks he wants to know how to improve his work but can he really handle it? Does he really […]

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