You know, taking a step back from anything for a little while always seems to have the effect of renewing the way I approach it. There is strength in consistency, and yet, there is an undeniable energy in change. I suppose in many ways I have always been afraid of change. But as I delve deeper into the art of traditional and Japanese tattooing, I welcome it more and more. A new angle to attack it from. A new process, to replace the old. Trying to improve, one needs new tools or illumination as to how to use the tools you have differently. Many customers ask “have you always been able to draw?” I guess the answer is “kinda.” I feel my talent lies in “seeing.” Discerning what looks good from what doesn’t. What feels right, or wrong. Balance in the work. Thankfully, I have practiced ten thousand hours. I now feel that I can draw. I can make things look the way that I want them to at long last. Set against many of my peers, my drawing may look too simple, too unrealistic. However, I choose to draw this way and am very proud to say that I […]

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