The Unique Artist Canon Of Traditional Tattooing
div class="listing_meta"> September 20, 2018 by Carl Hallowell in Traditional

I work in the traditional tattoo style. This is a style that is made for tattooing. It has its own artistic canon and excludes copying other art forms. I have of course translated just about every medium into a tattoo throughout my 23 years of practicing the art of tattoo. I have realized over time that no tattoo looks as good as a traditional tattoo, so that is the kind of work that I choose to focus on.   What Is the Traditional Tattoo Style? The traditional tattoo style involves using traditional imagery, that is, imagery that has consistently been used for tattoos since the beginning of the artform. These images are then rendered using stylized imagery instead of realistic imagery. The design is then simplified for clarity and longevity. Bold outlining, heavy black shading and solid colors round out the look. A fair amount of skin is left open as well, imbuing it with the airy, bright look that was once called “The Classic Open Style of Cap Coleman” A good traditional tattoo is simple, direct, and to the point. It looks great! It is tattoo! It is not a renaissance painting or engraving. Its not a computer generated […]

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