Tattoo Types

The culture of the Dallas tattoo industry has centered around the neighborhood of Deep Ellum for many years now. I am proud to have worked first in this neighborhood in around 1998, at the now world-famous Elm Street Tattoo. I had something important in common with the local tattoo artists who worked there at this point in time. We shared a deep respect and love of traditional tattoos.

Tattoo parlors have, since that point in time, proliferated in almost every neighborhood in Dallas. However, in order to find the best tattoo artist in Dallas, one should take care to become familiar with the history of tattooing, and the designs and methods that are unique to this singular art form.

Tattoo art is drawn a certain way, shaded in a particular fashion, and colored with a formula that was set in place long ago. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Ignorance of the way creates bad work. Tattoo artists who are connected to the way of tattooing through lineage or learning create true, strong, beautiful tattooing.

I draw from these traditions deeply. I have taken care to learn the rules of the art form I love, and that I have dedicated my own body too. I continue to learn daily, practicing the Zen concept of "beginner's mind" to further my work at every opportunity. I continue to work with my clients to chase the essence of tattoo itself!

I work in the great historic and richly refined styles of American traditional tattoos as well as traditional Japanese tattoos. Both of these forms go back in time, giving them each a chance to evolve and become perfected. A large number of tattooists participated in pioneering and furthering the work over the past century in America, and the past couple of centuries in Japan.

Among the traditional masters are Sailor Jerry of Honolulu, USA, and Kazuo Oguri, or Horihide, of Gifu City, Japan, who is still working today. Other modern, living legends include Bob Roberts of Los Angeles, California, and Yoshihito Nakano, or Horiyoshi III, of Yokohama. Working on the path that greats such as these have laid down for us, I am confident that I can give you the best tattoo in Dallas. That is, if you will let me!

Choose A Classic Tattoo by Carl Hallowell

Familiarizing yourself with the true nature of tattoos and tattoo design will help you to pursue high-quality tattoo work. This will broadcast your knowledge and respect for the strict medium of tattooing.

Choosing to work within the traditional American or Japanese tattooing styles will assure that you receive a successful tattoo that will resonate with you and all who view it. Now, you will just need to find a tattoo artist that can help you to achieve this work. I would love to be your gateway to this special acquisition.

If you are looking for a tattoo artist that is dedicated to honoring the traditions of the past and putting heart, soul, and the beauty of simple human interaction into each piece, I am sure that I could serve you well. Get in touch with Carl Hallowell today.

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