Traditional American Tattoos

What Makes a Traditional Tattoo?

When one thinks of the traditional tattoo in the United States, images of pin-ups and Sailor Jerry-esque style typically comes to mind. While these images can technically be seen as a traditional American tattoo, the tradition really lies in the way the Dallas tattoo artist approaches their work.

When seeking a tattoo from one of the best tattoo artist in Dallas, make sure that they follow the traditions of respect that come with the craft. Tradition doesn’t necessarily mean that an artist is tied to images of the past. Tradition, in this sense, is work that is done from the heart and for the love of artistic creation.

Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best Tattoo in Dallas

When you have the desire for a traditional tattoo from a Dallas tattoo artist, make sure that you go with a trusted one. Remember, your tattoo represents not only your artistic decision, but your tattoo artist’s skill.

When you arrive at the tattoo shop, take some time to discuss what you want out of this tattoo and make sure that they are able to deliver. Do your research and be prepared with questions you may have about traditional tattoos. Remember, you want your tattoo to be a fond memory not a regret.

Keep an American Tradition Alive with Carl Hallowell

If you want a traditional American tattoo from a Dallas artist that truly understands tradition, Carl Hallowell can help. Carl knows how to create the traditional look that will keep your art in style for years to come. Contact Carl Hallowell today to set up your consultation.

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