Traditional Japanese Tattoos

The tattoo is an art form that has carried on its legacy for centuries throughout several different cultures. No matter where a person is from, a well designed tattoo can be considered a form of fine art.

Throughout history, the Japanese culture is one that has emphasized the beauty and artistry of the traditional Japanese tattoo. Many people express the desire for a traditional tattoo from the culture without truly understanding the significance of the art. By truly understanding the tattoo style and the designs that Japanese tattoo artists create, only then should you be willing to wear this type of tattoo on your body.

What Makes a Traditional Japanese Tattoo?

Traditional Japanese tattoos stem from the Tebori method. This is the process in which tattoos were created by hand via steel needles attached to a wooden stick. In order to effectively carry out the tattoo the artist would forcefully press into the client’s skin with the desired ink.

While Dallas tattoo artists have moved beyond the Tebori process and into the methods of a modern tattooing studio, the integrity of the custom tattoo has never faded.

Popular Designs

Japanese tattoo has several motifs that recur in the selections of the people that get them. Often seen are designs of traditional animals like lions, koi fish, tigers, and dragons. The style and detail are all in the hands of the skilled artist professionally tattooing the work. Regardless of the popularity of the design, the tattoo artist’s skill is the most important aspect of your tattoo’s creation.

Dallas Tattoo Artist Masters the Art of a Traditional Japanese Tradition

If you are in the market for the best tattoo in Dallas but are also seeking culture and tradition, it is time to make an appointment with Carl Hallowell. Hallowell is a Dallas tattoo artist who truly understands the fundamentals of the art of the tattoo.

Hallowell specializes in both American and Japanese traditional tattoo styles. For tattoo designs with a unique look, contact Carl Hallowell today to schedule a design consultation.

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