Walk-In Tattoo
div class="listing_meta"> January 22, 2015 by Carl Hallowell in Tradition

Tribal Tattoo This customer came in with a misplaced cross and tribal tattoo that was not too well done. He dreamed of a tribal half sleeve but didn’t know how to go about getting it done. I covered the old cross and tribal with a new design; next, I added on down the arm with thick blades of Borneo type tribalism inspired by who else- Mr. LZ… Throughout the mid to late nineties, there was an incredible call for tribalism. Some loved it, some hated it, but everyone knew what it was after a while. It was everywhere, from the lower backs of the young ladies to the forearms of roughnecks and firemen. It was emblazoned across car doors, borrowed for t-shirt designs, and every type of logo imaginable. I love to sit here by myself and type these thoughts. Is it because I sit with a customer when I go to work? Or am I a born introvert, forced to go into the social world by my job? I remember when customer service was one of my strong points, it was about all I had. Actually, the ace up our sleeve at Screamin Mimi was advertising that we maintained […]

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