Career Stats


  • D.O.B


  • Chinese Zodiac


  • Birth Year Buddha

    Kokuzu Bosatsu

  • Family Man

    Father, Husband, Son, Brother

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Posing with my wonderful wife days before the arrival of our first born!

Tattoo Experience

  • Tattooing Since


  • First Japanese Tattoo Flash Drawn


  • First Japanese Tattoo Done


  • Owned and Operated

    Liberty Electric Tattooing, 2002-2009

  • High Profile Position

    Elm Street Tattoo, 2009-2016

  • Private Studio

    Heart in Hand Gallery Deep Ellum, 2016-Present

  • Private Tebori Studio

    Waxahachie, 2020-Present

  • Trained Apprentice

    Joe Haasch, 2005

  • Studied Under

    Horikoi of Toyohashi Japan, 2019-2020

  • First Tebori Tattoo Carved


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Photo taken out back of Primal Image Tattoo, ca 1998. These tattoos sure look different now!

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My first tebori tattoo captured on film! The tattoo and the photo credit go to Dave Williams.

Areas of Focus

  • Tattoo Style

    Traditional Japanese Tattooing (Irezumi)

  • Specialty

    Communication in Customer Service

  • Unique Tattoo Toolkit

    Tebori, Sumi, Handmade Color Pigment

Tattoos I See Everyday

  • My Own Backpiece Done By

    Chris Trevino (Horimana)

  • Blessed to Wear Tattoos By

    Horiyoshi lll, Richard Stell, Bob Roberts

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Unbelievable. Is that really me?! Getting tattooed by the world renown Horiyoshi lll of Yokohama, Japan.

Here and There

  • Selection of Tattoo Conventions Attended

    Rick Harnowski’s Green Bay, PIAE Honolulu, Ink and Iron Long Beach CA

  • Selection of Guest Spot Positions

    Port City Newport Beach, Aloha Monkey Burnsville Minnesota, Happy Dragon Abilene

  • Tattoo Tours

    Gypsy Queen on the Vans Warped Tour with Oliver Peck, Music as a Weapon Colosseum Tour

  • Special Appearances

    Sailor Jerry Tattooist, Arlene’s Grocery, Lower East Side, NYC, Jonathan Shaw Vintage Flash Pop-up, Dallas

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Standing proud beside the Schiffmachers- Hanky Panky and Louise of Amsterdam.

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