Tattoo Frequently Asked Questions

General Tattoo Shop Questions

Here are the short answers to a few questions that you may have! Additional information will be shared with you as part of your appointment setting process once you have joined my Horisho Scheduling Waitlist. Experience has dictated that I be very thorough in my business arrangements, and my Clients have shared their appreciation of this fact with me regularly!

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

I accept cash, personal check, cryptocurrency in the form of bitcoin or ethereum, or credit/debit card.

Can I Reschedule My Tattoo Session?

Rescheduling is very difficult as my schedule is booked out many months in advance, and is always full. As I work long sessions by appointment only, I must charge cancellation fees when an appointment is rescheduled with less than two weeks’ notice. As a practice of good faith, I extend an equal credit to the Client’s next session if I have to reschedule an appointment within two weeks.

What Is The Shop Minimum?

My minimum is two hours, booked at my current hourly rate. While I am definitely not the artist to tattoo you if you are comparing shop minimums, I definitely encourage each prospective tattoo collector to seek the highest quality in each of his tattoos, regardless of the size, (perceived) simplicity, or price. So don’t be afraid to inquire with me as to tattoos of any size or scope.

What Is Required To Get Tattooed?

To become a Client of mine, you must be a legal resident of the USA with a state-issued ID that shows you are at least 18 years of age. Foreigners who are visiting the USA legally must also be 18 and can present their US-stamped passport for identification.

Do I Need To Prep For My Tattoo Appointment?

Get a good night’s sleep before the session and a good meal before you come in for the work. Snacking can provide helpful energy and calories throughout the session. Hydration is good but should be minimal during the session to diminish bathroom breaks. Bathroom breaks are the main reason for short breaks during the session. Pouring ink or getting new equipment ready can also create pauses in the session where a quick bite and drink can be taken.

Can I Bring Someone To My Appointment?

I recommend coming alone to your appointment. My sessions are long, highly focused, and in-depth. Only the most patient spectators who are not at all prone to boredom will enjoy themselves watching us work. Electronic distractions are not allowed in my studio. If you have a close loved one who can handle this setting, you may bring them! My studio is small, however, so one guest is the most any Client can bring.

Do You Accept Walk-Ins?

I tattoo by appointment only out of my private studio location.