How to Take Care of a Tattoo

Elm Street Tattoo,  Dallas, Texas

Remember the Lucky Eight:

  1. Leave the bandage on overnight, Or wash with hot water and soap immediately after removing it.
  2. Soak the tattoo in hot water for 10 min to open up the pores, but only the first time you wash it.
  3. Wash tattoo often with mild soap and warm water.
  4. Keep the tattoo completely Clean and Dry for a few days.
  5. A Very Small amount of antibiotic ointment may be used if desired.
  6. Do Not allow Blood, Ointment, or Lymph to Dry Up on the tattoo.
  7. After a few days, apply non-perfumed Hand Lotion to the tattoo as needed.
  8. Do not expose to Direct Sunlight, Tanning Beds, Chlorinated Pools or Hot Tubs for 4-6 weeks.


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