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"Traditional Japanese Tattoos"

The Japanese Bodysuit Tattoo


n the vibrant tapestry of Dallas’s tattoo scene, one artist stands out as a true master, using the bodies of his clients on which to place his masterpieces. Carl Hallowell is one of the best tattoo artists for Japanese bodysuit tattoos.  Carl has carved a niche for himself with his unparalleled skill, dedication, and profound understanding of this antique art.

As the go-to artist for japanese bodysuit tattoos in Dallas, Fort Worth, and East Texas, he plies his trade by leaning on its traditions. Each image, each group of images tattooed by Carl is sourced from the traditional japanese tattoo, but through his hand is translated into powerful new stories of American tattooing.

The japanese tattoo was the progenitor of the sleeve tattoo, the backpiece tattoo, and the bodysuit tattoo. Therefore, many Americans who are interested in heavy tattoo coverage are led to adopting this art. The origins of the images are foreign, esoteric, and arcane. However, the imagery and stories are applicable to our existence as proud Americans. The central themes of power and beauty, law and order, and right and wrong resonate with American traditionalism. And so, throughout most of our American tattoo history, the japanese tattoo has been used as a vehicle to provide us that heavy tattoo coverage we seek, while at the same time, expressing our American ideals.

What to Expect: The Japanese Bodysuit Experience

Carl Hallowell takes pride in offering an American experience into the world of traditional japanese tattoos, in which he is your personal guide. Carl will begin your journey with a personalized consultation to discuss your ideas and help create a  full body tattoo design that strictly adheres to tradition, while incorporating elements that hold personal meaning for you. 

The japanese full body tattoo process unfolds over many sessions that are scheduled out in advance. The design choice will be finalized during the consultation, which will determine the placement of key elements and ensure a harmonious flow across the entire body. 

Next, the tattoo phase of the work begins with Carl drawing the design directly onto the skin with a pen. This drawing is then made permanent with the application of the tattoo outline. Shading the background of the japanese tattoo is quite involved, and begins when the outline is complete.

Filling the designs in with color is the final step, an explosion in form as the color plays atop the black and grey wind, waves, and cloud. Crafting the full japanese bodysuit is a time-intensive process, and is executed over multiple years. Through us, it’s achievement embodies American tenacity, and stands as a testament to our strength, freedom of spirit, dedication and determination.

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Japanese bodysuit tattoos impart images of power to the wearer and convey a sense of resilience and personal responsibility. If you are considering a bodysuit tattoo, choose an American master craftsman with Carl Hallowell in Dallas, Texas.

Embark on the transformative journey to tattoo, where applying yourself consistently towards the goal will earn you the extraordinary achievement of being heavily tattooed. Contact Carl online today to take the first step toward tradition and your tattoo future!

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