Proudly tattooing the Dallas area,
from its heart and soul in Deep Ellum

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Tattooing Since 1995.
Roses. Irezumi. Crawling Panthers.

I'm a Dallas tattoo artist and my tattoo work is an attempt to apply the secrets of the masters, to use the same archetypal images; to learn the iconography of japanese tattooing, or irezumi, as well as the design motifs of home.


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Kind words, from good people

Real tattoos for real people…keepin’ the real texas tradition alive bud

It’s amazing after all these years how you’ve stayed true to the art. The way you continue grow but still hold on to the raw power of what we hold dear. In a time when tattooing is going in a diluted direction and seems to have lost it’s magic, there you are to push the brakes. To give soul back to the sacred. Anyone that knows you knows that you are an asset to tattooing. I am honored to call you my friend. May you find enlightenment in this thing we call tattoo and finally capture the perfect panther!!!!

first off carl is my buddy he does bad ass traditional tattoos he did a killer stray cats logo on my forearm in solid black he also did the state of texas that says dime for dimebag Darryl of pantera he also did a bitchin rockabilly chick with a deck of cards and a bottle of booze with some cherries it says rocker's dream I just went up to him and said I want a rockabilly chick and the genius he is came up with that carl is a very kind cool dude.

Carl is a great tattoo artist. Great with clients and makes sure everyone walks out with a killer piece that they will love forever. Very patient and kind, and it shows in his work and with repeat customers. Keep up the good work Carl!!!

I've been getting tattoos by Carl for almost 20 years now, including two half sleeves, a back piece, and various other sundry pieces, and I've never gone to anyone else. Carl is a genuinely personable guy that gets along with everyone, and is a consummate professional that takes his craft very seriously. He is always prepared to give you a unique, personalized tattoo that you'll be proud to wear the rest of your life, no matter what the style.

I've been getting tattooed by carl for the better part of 2 decades. He always makes sure that we don't miss out on any painful spots. He's a great guy like that! I have trusted Carl with both sleeves and now my back. His light handed approach makes it easy to sit with him for hours.

I'm not sure what type of witchcraft/wizardry you did on me, but this tattoo is almost completely healed, and it hasn't even been a week yet! What the?!? Haha, awesome. Thanks again for a KILLER tattoo and arguably the best tattoo experience I've had thus far.

Your work is out of this world. Keep up the great talent. Your one hell of a tattooer.

Love your site, very informative and helpful! I might need another?!?!?!?

Great stuff here man! Love it!

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