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Offering World Class Traditional
Japanese Tattooing in Dallas, Texas

Horisho Traditional Japanese Tattoo Premium Merchandise Set

New! 彫菖 Horisho Traditional Japanese Tattoo Premium Merchandise Set

Not everyone has the pain tolerance, patience, or budget for large scale Japanese tattooing, so I have created this special and unique merchandise set for those who would still like to enjoy and support my work. This support is much appreciated! All designs Made in the USA by Carl Hallowell, Horisho.

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Carl Hallowell, “Horisho”

Traditional Japanese Tattoo Artist

Hello, and Welcome! I practice traditional japanese tattooing because of it’s large scale approach and strictness of tradition. Though the art has a foreign origin, I find it to ring true to us as Americans with it’s messages of nature and nation, it’s images of power and beauty. I am dedicated to serving you, my American clientele, using the traditional japanese tattoo as a vehicle for our own advancement, and for our own glory.

I offer world class japanese traditional tattooing to Dallas, Fort Worth, and East Texas from my Deep Ellum, Waxahachie, and East Texas private studio locations.

These private studio settings bring the best artist/client experience forward, allowing for the creation of both personal relationships and expert craftsmanship. Please join me as we test our strength, fortify tradition, and cultivate our character through the journey of tattoo.

Traditional Japanese Inspired Tattoos

The art of the japanese traditional tattoo, also known as irezumi, has been practiced since the 1800’s in Japan. It is tattooing’s oldest pictorial tradition, arguably it’s most successful, and it offers, above all, heavy coverage in tattoos, creating full bodysuit tattoos, backpiece tattoos, and sleeve tattoos.

For these reasons, it was imported by American tattooists such as Sailor Jerry Collins and Don Ed Hardy, who in doing so, created a new frontier of American traditional tattooing- the japanese style tattoo.

Japanese Tattoo Gallery

Please enjoy a selection of my traditional japanese tattoo work, proudly made in the USA.

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Tebori – Traditional Japanese Hand Carving

The japanese tattoo predates the invention of the American tattoo machine, which was invented by Samuel O’Reilly in 1891. The method of application for early japanese tattoos was tebori, “hand carving”. This method of craftsmanship imbues the work with a certain character. The tool can be seen in the work- which is a special point of pride for the craftsman, and a keen point of interest for the wearer of the tattoo.

The American tattoo machine was introduced to Japan right around 1970. Many traditional japanese tattoo masters adopted this American invention for the outlining of their tattoos. However, most agreed that the character of tebori should not be lost when it came to shading and coloring their work.

This led many old masters to use a split tattooing approach outlining by American machine, shading by japanese tebori, which is how I proudly tattoo today, one of only a few American tattooists who have this honor.

Southern Hospitality

America’s Deep South, Texas, and Japan have a number of things in common. Pride in one’s heritage, allegiance to one’s state, fortification of its borders, and the belief in the sovereignty of its territory and people to name just a few. But we also have a great commitment to hospitality in common. We see it as our duty to serve our guests and customers beyond their hopes and expectations. It is in this spirit of hospitality that I approach customer service.

I believe that the root of customer service is respect- self respect as well as respect for the customer. Traditional tattooing too, is based on respect. Respect of the natural hierarchy of nature as well as men, respect for the past masters and designs of tattooing, and a respect for right and wrong, which heavily influences both American and japanese traditional tattoo design.


Traditional Tattoo Code of Ethics

Respect for the customer’s experience, the memories and marks you leave them with, the ideas you share with them from the uncensored margins of life that is the free man’s. This is an honor and a responsibility of the best traditional tattoo artist. The relationship between artist and customer always shows in the skin. It shines though just like the light that reflects from the surface of the tattooed skin, revealing the true nature of the tattoo, it’s wearer, and it’s Creator.

The tattoo is not just a picture on the skin but a complete experience, from the personal connection to the sharing of a journey, to mutual admiration, and finally, to a great tattoo! I believe that my choice to work in an appointment-only private studio facilitates this high level of service and experience to the fullest. Now, My American brothers and sisters- let’s tattoo!