Trust Your Traditional Tattoo Artist
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As a beginner at getting tattooed for the first time, you, of course, are going to be unfamiliar with the process. Allow me to shine a light on some areas that are still unknown to many aspiring traditional tattoo collectors. The tattoo design is drawn as an outline only. The shading and color are added on the skin. The stencil is made from a line drawing. Tattoos are a leap of faith! You should choose very wisely which artist you are going to use. And then, the trust begins! Choosing An Experienced Dallas Tattoo Artist Versus A Beginner If you choose an experienced artist, he is going to take control of the project. He will be respectful of your ideas and strive to give you the tattoo type that you want. But maybe, more importantly, he will strive to give you the tattoo that you need. For example- there may be a design element that you wanted, but that would damage the look of the overall tattoo. This is what is meant by “the tattoo that you need.” If you go to a beginner, he will not know the difference and you can sometimes control the process, as he is […]

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Ever Wonder How Much To Tip A Tattoo Artist
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I get the “how much to tip a tattoo artist” question often from my customers. It isn’t an easy conversation to have! I always appreciate them asking though, and I always explain the situation as thoroughly as I can. The last time I was counseling a customer on the appropriate tipping procedure for a Dallas tattoo artist, I thought, I should write this down. It could benefit both customers and artists alike! First Steps To Tipping Your Dallas Tattoo Artist First of all, A tattoo artist really appreciates tips because he is paying a portion of every tattoo he does to the shop that he works for. This portion depends on his experience, his importance to the shop, his tenure at the shop, as well as business things that balance the equation such as what supplies the shop provides, etc. While a portion of your tattoo cost goes to the house, all of your tips go directly to the artist. To a worker who gives some of his earnings over to a shop, it feels good to know that the tip is all his! Tipping is by no means mandatory in this business and any tip is very much appreciated, […]

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