Ladies and Gentlemen, it is nice to have the opportunity to speak with you again! I have been away from the typewriter as I have been quite busy behind the tattoo machine. The Japanese Tattoo Work, or Irezumi, has been in heavy focus this week in my studio. I had the honor of starting a classic Japanese 7/10’s sleeve this week; also, today, I had the blessing of outlining a half sleeve with a traditional Japanese chest panel. Often, in my equal love for both the American Traditional and traditional Japanese tattoo styles, I have confided in my customers that I could not give up either one for the other. Lately, though, I have been increasingly entrenched in Irezumi, also known as Horimono- a “carved thing.” I think it is because I have turned a corner in my understanding of this great work. My customer said today that I had mastered the Japanese style. I emphatically stated that I had not. And pointed out that I probably never will. The more you learn, the less you know, goes the old saying. You just get deeper into the mysteries, the subtleties, the intrigue of your area of study. You get more […]

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