Traditional Tattoo Flash
div class="listing_meta"> November 14, 2014 by Carl Hallowell in Tradition

Five Masks of the World – Part Two Today’s bad tattoos are the ones that are too good. Drawn with every bell and whistle imaginable without any correct details. These tattoos are drawn with a realism more suited for comics, the symbolic representation of tattoo art is betrayed; rendered in a personal style that is usually someone else’s, bereft of any association with tattoos except that it is under the skin, always bigger and taking up more skin, and yet still cheap, as the work isn’t worth anything anyhow. Always blacker and more solid, the best equipment now is just an anonymous click away. Disguised as something it is not is how I would sum up a lot of modern day tattooing. The information is out there to let you know what is cool and preferable. But, labeling it will never hoist the whole burden of truth. Only time separates the true from the false. Which one do you want to wear?

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Traditional Japanese Sleeve
div class="listing_meta"> November 8, 2014 by Carl Hallowell in Traditional Japanese Tattoo

   Gods of Thunder It is not my intent on this website to attempt to inform the reader on the esoteric idols of traditional Japanese tattooing; to understand, you must already know. This kind of arcane knowledge comes at a higher premium, it shouldn’t be coughed up carelessly. The ones that need to know will find out along the way, but I would say that if you want to know, that now is the time, while you are still young… These archetypes may help you if you trip and fall, may help you to understand nature, or simply your own skin. At any rate, these images speak for themselves. This is tattooing, the world’s strongest art form. I had the pleasure to start this sleeve last night on CZ, the progress was amazing, he kept sitting as I continued to add more. We finished up with the elbow, and the wind from the upper arm culminating in a violent swirl that already contains falling maple leaves, the flower of the season.

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Traditional Tattoo Sleeve
div class="listing_meta"> November 5, 2014 by Carl Hallowell in Tattoos

  American Traditional Tattoo Sleeve – Do It Again All Jeff’s traditional tattoo sleeve needs to do now is heal. I spoke before about Jeff’s work ethic when it comes to his tattoos- “get it done.” When you look down your arm and see that your sleeve is finished it is an incredibly proud feeling that overwhelms you. Although usually zapped at the end of a long session, a collector may feel the need to celebrate after achieving this type of progress. What they intended all along has now become reality. It was their decision. And they have no choice but to stick by it. Another aspect of Jeff’s can-do approach has to do with his willingness to follow the whims of the artist, who is only following the whims of the muses themselves, the inventors of music, poetry, and the tattoo gods… Unimpeded progress makes work quick, the path of least resistance unfurls, faith wins its belief, positivity brings positivity… I am excited to start on his other sleeve in a couple of months. He has no plans for it whatsoever except to let it flow.

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