Traditional Tattoo Flash

November 14, 2014 by Carl Hallowell in Tradition 0 comments
Traditional Tattoo Flash


Five Masks of the World; part two of two

The bad tattoos nowadays are the ones that are too good. Drawn with every bell and whistle imaginable, yet no detail is correct; drawn with a realism more suited for comics, the symbolic representation of tattoo art is betrayed; rendered in a personal style that is usually someone else’s, bereft of any association with tattoos except that it is under the skin… Always bigger and taking up more skin, and yet still cheap, as the work isn’t worth anything anyhow. Always blacker and more solid, the best equipment now is just an anonymous click away. Disguised as something it is not is how i would sum up a lot of modern day tattooing. The information is out there to let you know what is cool, what is preferable. But labeling it will never hoist the whole burden of truth. Only time separates the true work from the false. Which one do you want to wear?

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