True Tattoo People: Who Are They?
div class="listing_meta"> June 22, 2018 by Carl Hallowell in Tattoo of the Month

Tattoo People Give Off An Energy Tattoo people, it struck me the other day, have that lust for life you just dont encounter in everyone you meet. Down at city hall, down there at the bank, in the halls of your school- they dont all have that energy, that hunger. Those wide eyes, looking for adventure, or experience, or enlightenment. Ive heard it called sleepwalking, these poor souls go through the motions, but they seem to receive no joy from it. The traditional tattoo person is bouncing off the walls, calmly. Their blood is boiling. Their appetites are great. Their laughter can be heard around the corner, down the block. Excitement can be sparked by a wild night, a good book, a neighbor’s dog. The stimulus is not necessarily important. It is the responsiveness of the tattoo person that brings the world around her alive. Of course, alas, I am stuck in the past again, in thinking of these persons of light, of color. I am once again tormented by tremors of negativity, words that must come out to tell the whole of the story. How could I whitewash this thing called traditional tattoos I love so much, pretend that […]

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