The Best Tattoo Artist in Dallas, Episode 13
div class="listing_meta"> November 15, 2018 by Carl Hallowell in Tattoos

The jumping off point is important in all things. Do we plan endlessly, or rush in without a single thought? Are we the kind to just talk about it? Or are we the type to attack and achieve the desired action? When the task is complete, do we pat ourselves on the back, tear ourselves down, or are we at peace with a middle way? Do we make excuses for what we lack? Do we simply blindly stand behind what we have done? Or do we honestly assess our little victories and failures within the project? Do we posture, attempting to hoodwink the other that we are larger than we are? Do we shrink back into the shadows and cower in insecurity? Maybe we assert our own dignity and give others theirs. Maybe we think everyone deserves respect. Maybe we think respect is earned.   The Artistic Process Of A Great Tattoo Artist The artistic process fascinates me greatly. I don’t even understand my own! I do work on my process though, over and over. I am at one with it. Maybe that is why it is still a little unknown to me. How accurately is each one of us […]

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