A Tattoo from Last Night

July 28, 2014 by Carl Hallowell 0 comments
A Tattoo from Last Night


I was happy that my client requested color in his memorial to his Mother. I felt that I got a chance to do this classic motif justice, now that my drafting skills have improved. I believe the color really adds emotion to the piece and gives it a sense of harmonious balance. The interplay between the colors seems to suggest a solemn celebration, rather than brooding grief.

Also, this tattoo is a messenger for breast cancer awareness, a call to action, a dedication to strength. With this much inherent power, is it any surprise that tattooing has been castigated by government and religion in modern times? And now, with such rising popularity, has it become necessary for those powers-that-be to buy it, usurp it, and water it down to market it back to us?

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