Horimono from the Bottom Up

May 22, 2015 by Carl Hallowell 0 comments
Horimono from the Bottom Up

hebi to tora

Mr. C is back. Come to find out his pilgrimage to irezumi was not made by accident. The road that brought him here was paved by meditation, manga, and anime. Not to mention photos he had seen here and there of the beautiful horimono worn by the Japanese.

Does not the other intrigue us so, the exotic, the far from home? The small surroundings we grew up within are not enough at some point. What of the outside world, of unbridled experience? What may lay outside the gates of your own castle?

Retreating home, with new knowledge and moments to ponder, to grow from, to study. New objects brought home from a faraway place, new tools to use in a familiar setting. This is the path of progress, a scholar’s journey. It all begins with a dream.

There is so much more, deep underwater, then there is at the surface of the rolling waves. On the top, it’s all just foam and sea-spray. There is nothing there of substance. Dive a little deeper if you will, as this journey requires no oxygen tank, no wetsuit, only mind. Remember that it is all contained within you. You are the Buddha, you are vast and limitless and strong, and as deep as you wish to be at any given moment.

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