Liberty School

June 27, 2015 by Carl Hallowell 0 comments
Liberty School

Liberty Electric Tattooing was my tattoo parlor I opened in 2002 and ran until 2009. I was run out of my hometown of Ft Worth, Texas by city planners, gentrification, and big business. I fought like the samurai the tattoo business had taught me to become. But my two swords were no match for the big guns and war planes of chesapeake energy, the bass brothers, and conservative, rich, little Fort Worth.

You can kill the body, the spirit escapes. The vehicle is lost, but the soul carries on. Nothing that has ever been created can be destroyed. The outside is demolished, that was my 7th steet location of Liberty Electric. The inside remains, that is the Liberty School.

Built on tradition, history, and respect, the Liberty School attempts to keep tattooing true and strong. My apprentice, Joe Haasch and I are its core members. I hope too, that the others we’ve worked with along the way carry some of these values forward. In fact, I know they do.

It is not a visible organization, waving a flag from the rooftops. It is surreptitious, only those that know will know. The copycats will not notice us. The fast buck businessmen looking for a culture to rape will pass us by. Like a modest monk at the roadside, huddled against a stone, our swords are hidden. The flamboyancy of the aristocracy will not think twice about us. But, like a rattlesnake, we wait, ready to strike, full of conserved power, venom enough to handle any job. We fight for good, we protect against the bad. We do what we have to, we do what must be done. We are based on the school of Two Swords. We are based on the traditions of the tattoo masters east and west. We will stay busy. We will help you acquire the tattoos of strength necessary to achieve the clarity of true artwork. We are the Liberty School.

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