Healed and Ready For Shading

August 21, 2014 by Carl Hallowell 0 comments
Healed and Ready For Shading


Jeff likes to come in for four hours at a time and get work done. The first session consisted of us standing at the counter and going through some tracings and drawings, mostly stuff by the late B.G., and then jumping in the chair, and outlining the main designs. Over a couple more sessions we completed the sleeve, free images floating on an open background of skin.

Enough is not enough. We return to the sleeve to add background. I come to work with the idea to make the background more extensive than we had originally planned. I wanted to make the background dense. So I added many elements. Here is a picture of the healed lifework.

Shading tonight went well, Tons of Black, a bunch of Grey, shaded his whole arm. Looked pretty good. Tattoos just look better the more of them there are. The closer they get together. The more that they become complete. The more hours you put into them. The more the pictures come to life.

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