Black and Gray Sleeve

December 5, 2014 by Carl Hallowell 0 comments
Black and Gray Sleeve

Image  Detroit the Motor City

Rob returns for his second black and gray tattoo sleeve from me, we talked last night about how it was funny that it all started off with one tattoo on the inside of his other forearm. That tattoo? A single needle “DETROIT” done in Old English that we did as a walk-in one night. This particular evening was Women’s Wednesday if memory serves me. I treated it like an Old English Tattoo, I gave it an authentic look; you can’t be walking around Detroit wearing some goofy looking bullshit. Plus, it was a phase I was going through, investigating the greatness of Barrio work and trying to imitate the feel, but not rip off the images. Anyway,  there is always the quest to study it all, and if motivation or inspiration fails you, there is always the customer there to push you to really expand upon your scope.

Neither Rob or I knew at that time that we would soon be moving on from that one tattoo to a full sleeve. That just kinda says it all about tattooing. You may not have known you wanted it all that much until you got it. You may not be able to define the urge to get covered up in tattoos. It grows on you. It grows on your parents too.

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