Dallas Tattoo Artist Promoting Artistic Energy

October 16, 2017 by Carl Hallowell 0 comments
Dallas Tattoo Artist Promoting Artistic Energy

Why this rush of energy, in the middle of the night? What is it that drives me, what is this muse, this inspiration? Why do I feel like I “have to?” What keeps me going, when there is really no reason to push forward?

The answer is that reading is dangerous. Looking deeper into the words on the page, the pictures in the print, chasing your heroes through their own personal mythologies that you really are not all that removed from. Meeting your idols and heroes is always fun, maybe they will become your friends but you cannot even think of them like that, for they are special.

Sink Into Where Your Art Comes From

Delving into a place where all art comes from, there is a place where all the art forms are connected. True, this is a column about traditional tattooing, but what of the haiku, jazz, wood carving? They all come from an energy; the energy of the world that is channeled through the hand of the artist.

There is a place the artist goes to find this energy. You can grab it, you can use it, it is a tool. In fact, this energy is the greatest tool, it gives us cause to create, but not all that need to locate it even know that they should seek it.

Have you heard the saying “The medium is the message?” It is a strong sentiment indeed. I fear painting the whole of modern American tattooing as pure, as those of us who are intimately acquainted with it know it is not.  Just the carving of these lines into our skin is meaning in itself, it is a sort of defiance in itself, it is freedom attained, and it is done from a place of clarity as is art.

Dallas Tattoo Artist Honors Art, Culture, and Japanese Tattooing

Insofar as the study of Japanese tattooing, or horimono, is concerned, esoteric Buddhism is involved. I am not a devotee or an expert in this world of illusion. There are many things which simply are not reality. There are facades and shams and a plethora of lies and liars. Can they gather at the origin point of art as well? I do not know, I have never seen any of them there; but you can bet that they will be at the show, to be seen, to say the things they think you want to hear, to try their best to look the part- to fool you, make a fool of you, and then take your money but laugh behind your back knowing that they gave you 50, 60 percent.

I would say that the artist could reach down and pull out 110 percent, from deep in the consciousness of man, and hand it over to you, a living gift- a song, a tattoo, or a dance. Would you feel it? Get chills, become flushed, incredulous, or simply brim over with gratefulness? I have, I have attained all these emotions, these feelings, from the artistic gifts of these type of people; and yet they are no greater than you.

Tattooing is About Finding Your Energy

What they can do is grasp that energy. They can go somewhere and find it; they can utilize it, harness it, ride the dragon of it. Some Dallas tattoo artists have grasped it, the best tattoo artists in Dallas have grasped it, and I have been proud to work among some of them.

Also, many friends have found this place, they bare their soul to find it, they come back, they share it with us. Some of them have gone, gone to the other side, and I say fare thee well, and I miss you. Some have simply disappeared after having felt preyed upon by a vampiristic society, maybe, but some cannot get away- and these are the bodhisattvas that serve you today.

Dallas Tattoo Artist Carl Hallowell will Tell Your Soulful Tale

In going to this place of energy, of inspiration I have written about it here. In writing about it, I go to this place of energy, of creation. I have a good time playing with words as if they were the lines of a black panther tattoo as if they were notes of a chord on the neck of my guitar. As if they were feelings of love that I could share with those closest to me, my family; but it is very simple, when you take away the poetry.

The soul shows through, in all you do. Soullessness is a weakness, it is the look of the lost, who cannot find the place that I have described. Sure we should pity them but do not take to them your business; not to the end of wearing it on your skin for all to see, never to be erased.

Sure, you may not understand him, but I say choose an artist. I believe he will respect you as he sees that you are human, that he is human, and that together, you can create much more than all of them put together can destroy. If you have a soulful tale to tell on your body, call us today, and let this Dallas tattoo artist know the story you yearn to get out.

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