Established 1995

Established 1995

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Before the Sailor Jerry books came out, before the Tattoo tv shows, before the internet, and cell phones, before computers were everywhere, before credit card scanners, before the revival of the rotary tattoo machine, before a tattoo color kit included ten shades of green, before the tattoo internet chatrooms made trade secrets public, before there were ten tattoo magazines, before the death of the magazine, before the death of the phone book, before the death of tattoo flash, before a Tattoo shop was on every corner of every town, before my space, Facebook, and instagram…

There was tattooing.

These are just a few of the changes I’ve noticed over the past twenty years. Im glad to have been here for it. I’m sad that things have worked out the way they have though, with the course tattooing has taken. I came into the world of tattooing thinking that I had found a home, but again I was just a black sheep among a new family. I have gone on to become a member of a sub-sect of this family that I believe is very true indeed. But ours, like any other world, is ruled by money, popularity, fashion and trends. A few try to buck the system. A few become folk artists. A few drop out along the way, dissatisfied with their crumbling utopia… Most are just normal people with normal thoughts and normal feelings that are simply painted a different color, simply playing the part… Chameleons of class and trade who infiltrate to destroy from within. It is Entropy. Dark shit.

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