May 7, 2015 by Carl Hallowell 0 comments


Today i will begin anew. Today i will embark on the “journey of a thousand ri”. Today has loomed on my horizon like a vast city of gold, just out of reach, but there in plain sight. I have performed my purifications, I have bolstered up my studies. I have attempted to correct the mind, I have attempted to set the mind free. I will let it roam from place to place, it will not stop. This would be, will be, unvaccilating mind.

What realm I am approaching is insignificant. It could be comparable to many other new directions taken by many other Dallas tattoo artists before me. It may or may not become apparent soon, but surely it will guide my destiny as a traditional tattooer. It will empower my tattooing, and help me to reach new plateaus.

In all things, the outward manifestation is secondary to the inward reality. The outer can be primped and shaped, superficially twisted into an illusion of that which it seeks to become. Like the moon reflected in the water, it is not real. The outside can be premeditated, the cover of the book can fool the passer-by more often than not. The inside is a truer place, shielded from sun and scrutiny. A cool damp place where life can begin, where the pillars of our being can be erected and nourished. Where, with determination, we can mold ideals and values. We can create our own Buddha or find our Buddha nature that is already hidden somewhere within.

Lord, may I seek to develop this inner attainment. If the world never sees it that is okay. But, for my own sake, and for the sake of all sentient beings, let me grow in this pursuit. If  I am a koi, lord, let me become a dragon. If I am a dog, lord, let me become a man. Please bless me in this new pursuit. Let me follow the road, the path, the inward light. Let the statues of Jizo guide my way.

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