The Best Tattoo Artist in Dallas

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The Best Tattoo Artist in Dallas

Man, if you don’t know this then I guess you have been living under a rock for the last 25 years! While I thoroughly believe that tattooing is not a competition, definitely not a sport- and we need to make sure it stays like this. You must have an eye for quality in this deal or you’ll end up wearing slop. Also, when you see that poetry of excellent craftsmanship, you just gotta stop and tip your hat, or sit down and get tattooed!

Incredible draftsmanship, fast as lightning, ever progressing, this dude puts his stamp on every tattoo he does. It’s got the look, it’s got his look. He doesn’t re-invent it every time. He builds a prototype, tests it, and then does it over and over, each time as good as the last, until it becomes a style.

Luckily, as a tattoo artist he has spread this style over the years. More so than ever in recent years, from what my customers tell me. He carries a banner to all corners of the earth. On it is inscribed, in pike lettering, “American Traditional Tattooing.”

Becoming the Best Tattoo Artist in Dallas

How can you fail to be the best when Richard Stell was among your first bosses in the biz? And then Stell introduces you to Eric Maaske; and then you get tattooed by Chris Trevino. The experience is truly unbelievable. Dan Higgs tattoos you; Scott Sylvia tattoos you, Bob Roberts tattoos you, Shawn deGan tattoos you, Jeff Rassier tattoos you, Luis Segatto tattoos you. Heck, even Carl Hallowell tattoos you!

It is funny that others try and imitate this man, but it happens very often. None ever quite hit the mark however. In fact, the more you try at this, the more you fail. I have seen it a thousand times. And you better believe this guy attracts more brownnosers than a millionaire at a flea market. I often wonder if he can see past this to the truth of the matter. Sometimes he can, sometimes he cant.

The Truth is What Matters to the Tattoo Artist

But truth is something this cat is no stranger to! He is a master of common sense. The way he sees things is so odd, but dead on. And to hear him put it into words always elicits a laugh from us, his million and one friends.

So it’s true. The measure of a tattooer is more than lines on skin. It is what is living inside him. The type of man he is. And this guy is many things at once. Crazy as hell and never touches a drop of the stuff. Have you seen him? Have you guessed the lucky lisp of whom I speak? I bet you have. After all, you haven’t been living under a rock the last 25 years.
Oliver Peck. Duh.

Dallas Tattoo Artist Working to Be The Best

If you are on the journey to find the best tattoo artist in Dallas and are interested in traditional American tattooing or traditional Japanese tattoos, reach out to me, Carl Hallowell, today. I look forward to being the tattoo artist that is able to create a work of art on your body.

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